Theme Of Grief In When Things Fall Apart

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Rough Draft Essay ¨Okonkwo did not taste any food for two days after the death of Ikemefuna (Achebe Page 55).¨ Grief is something everyone has to painfully accept and deal with. ¨Wish a baby dead, get another one in return as punishment. This is my reckoning (Lukavics Page 73).¨ People can deal with their grief of their loved ones in many ways. Amanda Verner from the book Daughter Unto Devils had a child at the age of 16 and kept it a secret from her family. Eventually when the time came she ended up having a miscarriage in the middle of the forest having to deal with her grief throughout the rest of the story. Amanda deals with her grief by talking to her sister Emily and trying to get through it all. Okonkwo from When Things Fall Apart has to deal with the fact he killed his own son Ikemefuna because his clan told him to. Okonkwo does not eat or anything and voids himself from the world for a bit. Everybody has different ways to deal with grief, but the best way isn't to keep everything bubbled up and starving yourself like Okonkwo for the few days he had done. Another bad example of keeping everything bubbled up is Amanda Verner keeping everything bubbled up for months and losing her mind. The best course of action is just to let it out and express your feelings instead of letting everything stack up on your mind. When Okonkwo killed his son Ikemefuna he had tons of regret and grief about it. Okonkwo is someone who usually deals with his problems with violence, but

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