Theme Of Hayavadana

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Born on May 19,1938, in Mathern, Maharastra, Girish Karnad has become one of India’s brightest shining stars, carning international praise as a playwright, poet, actor, director, critic and translator. As a young man studying at Karnataka University, Dharwar, where he earning international literay fame, but he thought that he would do so by writing in English. Scholarship and went on to receive a Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy,Politic and Economics . He would eventually achieve the international fame he had dreamed of, but not for his English Poetry. Instead,Karnad would earn his reputation through decades of consistent literary output on his native soil.
Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana : A Thematic Study

The central theme of the paly highlights the problem of Padmini’s Perennial quest for completeness : her search for the pefect combination of the body and the spirit manifested in Kapila and Devadatta respectively. Devadatta is very …show more content…

The importance of his addition is clear from the fact that the play derives its title from it – Haya means horse and Vadana means face or mouth. Hayavadma story runs thus, Hayavadhan’s mother was a beautiful princess of Karnataka. When she came of age her father decided that she should choose her husband. So princes of other kingdoms in the world were invited and they all came from China, Persia, Africa but she did not like any of them. The last one to come was the Prince of Araby. Hayavadan’s mother took one look at the handsome prince sitting on a great white horse and fainted. Her father at once decided that this was the man and all arrangements for the wedding were made. When Hayavdhana’s mother woke up she said that she would not marry the prince but marry the horse. No one could dissuade

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