Theme Of Honor In The Crucible

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In today's society, honor is something that is respected every day, but in occasions is overlooked by others. The main characters, John Proctor and Abigail Williams, represent multiple types of honor. Abigail Williams shows dishonor towards the victims of Salem and towards Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor’s name is an example of honor because he doesn't want his title to be disrespected by the community for admitting to witchcraft. Honor continues to become a factor back in the 17th century and even today. In the play, “The Crucible”, honor, and dishonor are represented multiple times throughout the play. First, Abigail Williams is an example of dishonor because she and the other girls were the cause of many deaths in their …show more content…

171). This quote explains that even though Abigail worked with Tituba, she exclaimed that she has no business with her, and and is the innocent one. Eventually, Tituba is punished due to her workings with the devil due to Abigail not tell she also did the same. Another example that Abigail Williams is an example of dishonor is because of the significance of it towards Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail claimed Elizabeth of witchcraft to try to get Elizabeth out of the picture to be with John Proctor. Abigail complete disregarded the lives of others, as did McCarthy when he claimed those of communism. By doing so, this got many people fired, and some lives ruined do to allegations. Abigail does the same. As stated in the Crucible, “ You drank a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife! You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor!” (I. 175). This shows that Abigail did indeed attempt to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor and didn't think of cost of this decision. The rashness shown by Abigail is drawn all throughout the play by Miller to explain how influential and manipulative McCarthy was during the Red Scare. Another quote to explain this dishonor was stated by Elizabeth, “I am sure she does--and thinks to kill me, then to take my place.” (II. 197). This explains that Elizabeth already knew her fate and knew what Abigail intended to do. Also, the quote shows that Abigail has such dishonor that she would go through

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