Theme Of Jealousy In Othello

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David Lee
Advanced English F
Mr. Vickers

Jealousy, the “green-eyed monster” (Othello line 168 Act 3 Scene 3) the monster that constructed relentless hate between the star crossed lovers. Jealousy can assemble a hatred that could never be forgiven, even to your most loved ones. Jealousy can develop vacuous thoughts that could destroy another’s reputation and life. Jealousy has driven many people to do things they do not want to but chooses to. Assumptions led to false accusations and false accusations led to tragedy. As easy as one person destroying relationship leading to many deaths, the theme jealousy plays an important role. Jealousy is the motive that affected peoples’ lives in this book “Othello”. Jealousy in many cases could be easily forgiven, but when it comes to your most loved ones, people have a tendency to do terrifying things. In the tragedy “Othello”, jealousy comes in many different ways. Starting from Iago being jealous of Cassio for being the lieutenant, Othello being jealous of Cassio for thinking that Desdemona has been cheating on Othello with Cassio and Bianca being jealous of Cassio because of the handkerchief that she found in the bed.
The “green eyed monster” (Othello line 168 Act 3 Scene 3) possessed Othello and infested his mind. It took over him to start doing things that he promised wouldn’t do during the wedding. Being an African guy that he is, he’s not exceedingly accepted into the western culture. Yet, he’s the general of

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