Theme Of Love In The Kite Runner

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When Hate Turns to Love In the novel The Kite Runner by an Afghan American, Khaled Hosseini. The story revolves around Amir and Hassan, two young boys who lived in the district of Kabul. Amir and his friend Hassan spent most of their days in the district of Kabul flying their kites with other Afghan children; who later on moved to different places before the invasion of the Russians “The Soviet Union” to the Afghans. The Kite Runner shows the result of love through the past lessons Amir learned in his life with Hassan with hate: the story shows how hate turns into love by its themes hate, regret and redemption corresponding to the actions of the protagonist of the story. The Kite Runner showed how Amir’s feelings of hate towards Hassan changed into love as details about Hassan identity was revealed to him. As Amir was growing up with Hassan, he was able to manage his feelings of hate to Hassan, as he ignores Hassan being raped, he wants new workers in their place, and he sets up Hassan of stealing his watch. Later on, as Amir slowly recognizing the truths as he grew up that they were brothers. This knowledge changed the view of Amir to Hassan, from hating him and on how can Amir redeem his to Hassan. In the story, it also focuses on how the love of Hassan to Amir turns Amir into hating Hassan. As Hassan state that “Amir Agha and I are Friends” (Hosseini 72). Even though Assef and two other bullies were convincing Hassan that he was being used by Amir as a loyal pet,

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