Theme Of Loyalty In Hamlet

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Could this have been Shakespeare’s example of betrayal vs loyalty. Shakespeare created the story called “Hamlet”, born in england he was an english poet ,playwright and an actor. Over Shakespeare’s time as a playwright he managed to write 37 plays and 154 sonnets. The sonnets may not have been well known but the 37 plays were famous. Most people specifically have heard of the stories such as, Macbeth , Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, and hamlet. Hamlet centers mainly around the main protagonist Hamlet who is the prince of Denmark , next in line for the crown but certain events have happened preventing things to go so smoothly for him. Gertrude Hamlet’s mother who is now married to Hamlet’s uncle after Hamlet’s father death she married Hamlet’s uncle not even a month later but she may have had affairs with Hamlet’s uncle before king Hamlet’s death. Claudius is Hamlet’s uncle and the current king after the death of king Hamlet and currently married to Gertrude mother. Polonius the right hand of the king who may not be very smart but follows Claudius obediently and tries to spy on hamlet, polonius is also the father of 2 Ophelia , and Laertes. Ophelia the daughter of Polonius , Hamlet and Ophelia had a little connection at the beginning of the story , Ophelia is very loyal to polonius doing whatever that may have been said. Laertes the son of polonius Loyal to his father and the kingdom. Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are the noble men and servants of the kingdom, doing whatever

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