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Cross-Currents of Marital Discord in the earlier novels of Margaret Drabble: An Analysis
Rajni Devi
Asst. Professor of English
Govt. P.G. College Saffidon, Jind (Haryana)
The paper deals with the issue of Marital Discord in the novels of Margaret Drabble, one of the most significant contemporary British women novelists. For the purpose of analysis, I will look at earliernovels of Drabble like A Summer Bird Cage (1963), The Garrick Year (1964) and the Millstone (1965) which are popularly known as an early “trio”. All the three novelscentreprimarily round intelligent female protagonists struggling to search out their own “identity” within the class structure of twentieth century England – a class structure that strictly follows the “patriarchal” norms and values. And one of the major thematic concerns in these threeis the internal struggle or conflict in the mind of blooming hearts – which in turn becomes the cause of conjugal disharmony. A woman undergoes sufferings, particularly because she is …show more content…

This is particularly because Drabble is first and foremost a woman – a daughter, a wife and a mother – and her interest in childbearing and childrearing has always been simply unsurpassed. She can go to any extent in her interest in the child, especially “her own flesh and blood”, a part of her own liver and heart. She seems to view her own being in every particle of the child’s body. Hence for a child, a little one, she has always been ready to take any risk in life. In novel after novel, she follows the straight path of her mental graph and presents a picture that suits her psychic frame. And she is every inch a novelist, a woman novelist of her own convictions, who never wastes her basic talents and never writes a word that is not in keeping with her sights and insights, her own views and

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