Theme Of Metaphors In The House On Mango Street Cisneros

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In The House on Mango Street, Cisneros uses numerous amounts of metaphors to express how the characters are held down and lack opportunities to move forward in their lives. The use of metaphors also allows Cisneros show the readers the different aspects of the neighborhood. Cisneros highlights metaphors to show how men oppress the value of women, the opportunities which are present for individual characters, and how characters are not able to progress in their lives due to their social surroundings. In the chapter “Boys and Girls”, Esperanza describes herself as “a Balloon tied to an anchor” (9). In general, Cisneros utilizes this metaphor to show how people need certain motivating factors to push them towards success. If they do not have these factors, they cannot move forward or up like the balloon which results in them being stuck. Basing it upon this, an interpretation can be made stating that Esperanza describes herself as wanting to move upward towards success and a better life but is being held down by certain factors or anchors. To begin, Esperanza is being held down because of the responsibilities she has. Nenny who she considers one of her responsibilities rather than a sister or a friend weighs her down because she always follows Esperanza around and “comes right after [her]” (8). Esperanza also feels held down due to Nenny because she spends most of her time with Nenny but she cannot “tell [her] secrets” or say “jokes without [her] having to explain them” (9).

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