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Okonkwo - Okonkwo is the main character in Things Fall Apart, he is very well known in his tribe and has many titles, which he fully deserved from his work and was proud of. He was first discovered when he threw the Cat down in wrestling. Even though he was good at wrestling, he was a best known as a warrior and of his wealth, many wives, and his large farm. Okonkwo did not show his emotions and just worked his problems away. He was quick to action and did not think before doing. To many people and his family he was scary because of his temper towards his them, besides his temper he was a very honest and trustworthy man.
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Okonkwo’s Father/ Unoka - Okonkwo’s father had been a failure with no titles and many loans …show more content…

He made himself dislike everything his father had and to be a strong man and to be successful. Although it is good that he wanted to be successful, he hid all emotion he had for his father and everything else. Containing his feeling led him to only embrace anger.
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P. 18 Okonkwo vs Death of Ikemefuna - Okonkwo was a war hero and was was not afraid of killing and blood. When it came time to kill his servant Ikemefuna who he had began to favor as a son he told himself he could do it, and to not be weak like his father. He did do it and when he felt sad and did not sleep he called himself a woman and went to do work to take it off his mind, and did not except sadness for losing someone he cared for.
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Pp. 62-63 Okonkwo vs Children - Okonkwo did not want to be know as his father's son what so ever, but that did not stop him from wanting his sons to be like him and to be powerful, maybe even more powerful than him. Okonkwo strived for his sons to become strong and powerful with many wives and children, but his oldest son did not show that he was going to be like that. He worked his oldest son the hardest, but still thought of him as lazy and was angry with him. When he did something wrong he would beat him and try to put sense into him, and never was just a fun and caring dad to

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