Theme Of Poe Sets The Mood Of Fear

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Poe Sets the Mood of Fear The concept of happiness, pleasure, and joy is only an illusion of reality. Despite the beguiling scenery of the human existence, no one escapes the experience of fear. Our lives are molded by them as well as our attempts to avoid them. Fear is utterly inevitable. The extent and factors of it may vary from person to person, but the emotion is nonetheless all the same. An American writer, Edgar Allan Poe is most recognized for his dark and gothic lores, suspected possibly influenced by the tragic deaths he was surrounded by during his lifetime. Critics apprehend the first person narration and numeral deaths that was common in most of his writings as a self reflection of his own life. In his stories, Poe describes the familiar and daunting emotion through the idea of the unknown, mysterious or isolated locations, and unreliable narration. The author often leaves out certain information that may contain little relevancy to the plot itself, but urges the audience to create their own scenario based on the textual evidence provided. The audience is engaged and Poe succeeds in captivating them through the concept of the unknown. In The Pit and the Pendulum, a man is sent to to an underground torture chamber during the Spanish Inquisition era. Throughout his time there, he experiences several attempts of torture from his jailers; as such, a pit with ghastly remains in it. The audience is merely informed about how horrid the pit is that the character

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