Theme Of Symbolism In The Kite Runner

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Hosseini’s Utilization of Symbolism in The Kite Runner
Friendship and loyalty are essential to maintaining healthy relationships. Both involve thoughtful acts which not only occur from one but from both sides of a relationship. Khaled Hosseini writes The Kite Runner to express to his audience how loyalty and companionship make a tremendous impact on not just two ordinary friends, but also other behaviors and relationships in Afghanistan. Throughout his engaging novel, Khaled Hosseini shows readers an inexperienced boy’s journey of denial and redemption after he allows the brutalization of his friend. For two long decades, the main character, Amir, struggles to cope with the realization he can never regain his friend’s love and devotion. Through symbolism, the author emphasizes the one-sided friendship between a spoiled, Pashtun, Amir, and a low-class, Hazara, Hassan. Hosseini uses a kite, a slingshot, and a pomegranate tree to symbolize friendship and loyalty between a high class, wealthy boy, and low-class servant. In The Kite Runner, Hosseini’s use of symbolism illustrates friendship and loyalty and engages the reader in the novel’s dramatic journey.
Hosseini uses the symbol of the pomegranate tree to develop a theme of Amir and Hassan’s friendship because this tree is the foundation for their relationship. This tree shows significance because it is where Amir and Hassan share their childhood memories. The unbalanced relationship between Amir and Hassan is re-established

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