Theme Of The Last Death

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THE LAST LEAF THEMES SACRIFICE: Sacrifice is one of the most important themes in this story. This theme is depicted by Behrman as he risks his life for Johnsy. When he finds out about Johnsy's illness and her pessimism that she will die once the last leaf falls, he decided to help her. So, he gets out in that terrible cold weather in the middle of the night to paint an ivy leaf on the wall. As a result he himself catches the Pneumonia and dies. So in this way the self-sacrificing nature of Mr. Behrman is shown in the story. FRIENDSHIP: Friendship is also one of the important themes in this story. The love and affection between two friends i.e. Johnsy and Sue is shown in the story. Sue takes good care of Johnsy when she falls ill. At that time Johnsy was pessimistic and was convinced that she will die once the last leaf falls but Sue supports her morally and tries her level best to bring her back towards life. …show more content…

Firstly the title of this story indicates the theme of death, as the word "last" shows something close to an end. Similarly, Pneumonia is also the symbol of death as the old Behrman dies of it. So, in this way death is one of the major themes in this story. HOPELESSNESS: The theme of hopelessness is illustrated in this story by Johnsy. In the story, Johnsy seems to be very hopeless due to her disease. She is convinced that she will die once the last leaf falls. She says, "When the last one falls I must go, too". Similarly, Johnsy’s desperation and hopelessness is shown when she utters the following words. "It is the last one; I thought it would surely fall during the night. I heard the wind. It will fall today and I shall die at the same time." So, in this way the theme of hopelessness is shown in the

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