Theme Of The Ransom Of Red Chief

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The theme is a lesson or moral message of the story. The theme of The Ransom of Red chief and Home Alone is every family has their pros and cons but deep down they love you. Evidence from the movie that proves this theme is that when Kevin had gotten in trouble because he made a mess in the kitchen he said he wishes he no longer had a family. Then the next day his family had left him alone when they went to the airport and he was excited at first but then said he wanted his family back (Home Alone). This shows that even though Kevin said he no longer wanted a family he was just saying those rude things because he was angry at his brother and mom. Evidence from page 74 paragraph 3 of The Ransom of Red Chief it says, “You will bring Johnny home and pay me two hundred and fifty dollars in cash. I will then agree to take him off your hands” (O’Henry). This reveals that Ebenezer could have left Johnny with the kidnappers but he didn’t he decided to have them pay him and get his son back. Character traits show who a person is and minor and main characters can easily have the same trait because they are all important to the story. The boys from Home Alone and The Ransom of Red Chief are both a handful. They are also very talkative. In the text from The Ransom of Red chief on page 69 it says, “Meanwhile, Red Chief strutted up and down with a blanket wrapped around him. He was guarding the mouth of the cave. Bill begged me tearfully to make the ransom fifteen hundred dollars

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