Theme Of Women In A Gun For Sale By Graham Greene

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Graham Greene has written many novels in his life and has placed his experiences within his stories. Graham Greene’s beliefs come across in his books and lay out his views on society. Greene did not shy away from using tropes in his book, and usually, these literary tropes included the women of his novel. Two of his books A Gun for Sale and Brighton Rock leave Greene’s female counterparts feeling unsatisfied with the characterization of the female leads in his stories, for they appear to only influence the novel through acting as a plot device. From the surface, Greene’s female characters only fulfill the purpose of the innocent or right half of the relationships, while the men in the novels heavily identify with corruption and evil. Greene utilizes the theme of innocence versus corruption, to develop the characterization and relationships of the main characters in A Gun for Sale, as well as Brighton Rock, through this lens it is clear to see how Greene relates the corruption of the male characters to Greene’s idea of anarchism.
Innocence and corruption, two different themes that work exceptionally well together to showcase the difference in characters. An important thing to know is what do these words mean? If innocence means those who are free from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil, then none of the characters in Greene’s novels would ever be considered innocent because they all at one point or throughout the entire story are acquainted with evil. However,

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