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Essay #3 The two stories, “All Summer in a Day” and “Something Passed By” share key aspects about them that portray themes/symbols of the bad side of human nature and societal views. In the first story, the children lock up Margot in a locker and forget to let her out to see the sun for the first time in many years. In the second story, the doomscreamer is begging and yelling for help, yet everyone stands around and watches him sink under the ground. These parts in the stories make connections with the reader in the sense that they represent greatly how people in the world today behave and they can be analyzed in numerous different ways. To start, the story “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury is almost solely based on the idea of the bad …show more content…

The whole story has numerous parts that give off their own message, but some are more relatable than others. As Liam McDonald says in his news article from “Super Crown Book News” in 1991, “it is the smaller incidents in which we see and experience what is the true richness of the book.” This part of the article describes McCammons work similarly so what was said before. McCammons story in the beginning has a powerful scene right off the bat. A doomscreamer was going around yelling “Prepare for the end! Prepare to meet your Maker!” all over the town. Once he got near the two neighbors homes, he kept hollering his message when all of a sudden the ground underneath him sunk, and his ankles where already sinking in the concrete. He yells “Help me, brother!” to those watching him, but no one helps. The story describes him so innocently, saying that “His eyes begged like those of a lost puppy” yet no one helps. Johnny was about to help but he stopped and figured it was too late. The doomscreamer ended up being covered up almost all the way, with only his hands sticking out from the street. This next scene would prove to be very important in the correlation of the story with modern society. After this event, Gordon walked down and looked at the doomscreamers hand, only to find he had a watch. He decides to take the Rolex off the dead man’s wrist. Afterwards the two neighbors talk to each other in a way that reassures their actions as being justified. Saying “Happened too fast to do anythin' about it. Didn't it, Johnny”. The book “How To Write Horror and Get It Published” by Marc Cerasini has one point where he says about McCammons writing “there is simply nothing for individuals to react to---nothing but other people." This correlates to the scene mentioned in “Something Passed By” since it’s not about

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