Themes In The Chrysalids

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It is a clear indication that the writer John Wyndham wrote the novel ‘The Chrysalids” as a warning in our society today. When you compare the novel to our society, these are similar issues that people today must deal with. In the novel “The Chrysalids” the author shows several issues within the Waknuk community which includes acts of ignorance, judgment, and intolerance. The people of Waknuk also use religion as an evil way of controlling the community which ultimately causes sin and contradicts what they believe in. These issues the Waknuk people face can be compared to what people face today. The first indication that is shown in the novel in comparison with today's society is the act of ignorance. The act of ignorance is defined as the lack of knowledge or information. An example of ignorance in the novel is that the people of do not know anything about the other communities within the land and assumes that they are not living by God’s image of life. Because of this, people who were not apart of the Waknuk community were assumed to not be the true image of God. Although the Fringes were people with deviations, they were still respectable people and did not live to harm others like what the Waknuk people were doing. In our society today, ignorance lives everywhere whether it is in a form of race, culture, or even abnormalities such as the abnormalities seen in the novel. A good comparison with the people of Waknuk and today's society is the act of

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