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Nyariah Edwards An identity is what makes a person them in this essay i am going to talk about the of me and Miss Moore in story “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara. i think that you learn a lot from this book. the character that i am going to talk about in this book is Miss Moore she is basically the main character in this book. Miss Moore is the kind women in the neighbor that people isn't really fond of, but she still tries to get neighbor which is Harlem together to make it a better place. Another way of how she is trying to make the neighborhood better is by getting the kids in the neighbor to do right because they are the future of harlem.

My experiences in very similar to Miss Moore’s I try to help out my community and the right thing Just like Miss more she tries to help out her community as much as possible and was doing that as I said in my …show more content…

Even though we try to help people that we think needs help they push us away because they think they don't need it. An example of how Miss Moore had people push her away is this “And Miss Moore asking us do we know what money is, like we a bunch of retards”. In this example i just had Miss Moore asks the children if they knew what money was the kids felt a type of way because they were thinking why would she ask such a retarded question. Like that, Miss Moore didn't think of it like that she wanted to ask them the true meaning of money because these days these kids just use money so fast and really don't have much care about it. I have had the same experince like that, i was in class and we were having a disscusion about the inequlities that african americans have to go through. One of my classmates made a racist remark about somthing and i said the things that that you are saying are kind of racist. My classmates overreacted and thought i said that she was racist, but i said the things

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