Themes InMulatto, By Edgar Allen Poe

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In Mulatto, author Langston Hughes reveals a theme; he was persistent in the face of rejection. The story is about a little boy who was being rejected by his father. The story takes place in his living room. The main character, Langston, has a conflict when his dad tells him he isn't his father. The author writes ¨ I ain't brothers with a nigger, niggers ain't my brother. This suggests that he doesn't like black people, which means that he didn't want him to be his son because he was black/mixed. The theme can also be seen, when the son yelled ¨ i am your son white man¨. At this moment in the text, the son got mad and yelled at him because, he knew that he was his son. The author describes, ¨ that the father was furious that the black boy was saying he was his son. The example reveals, that the dad did not wanna claim the son because he was black. In conclusion, the theme of Mulatto is clearly expressed throughout the text. This is important to the readers because, it tells them the hidden message. In A tell tale heart, author Edgar Allen Poe reveals a theme; you can’t run away from guilt. The story is about a man who killed an elderly man because he thought he was evil. The story takes place mainly in the living room. The main character, edgar, has a conflict when he starts to feel guilty about killing the man. The author writes “ I can hear the heartbeat still beating.” This suggests that he only heard the heart because he knew he done something horrible. The theme can

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