Themes Of A Room With A View

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E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View astutely explores multitudes of topics in the age of Victorian English attitudes of close-mindedness and social class arrogance. The use of contrast in particular is of great importance throughout the plot as it allows the reader to more clearly understand the overarching theme of the work. Forster utilizes both explicit and implicit contention in order to advance his overarching themes of this work. These primary themes in contrasting between Florence, Italy and Surrey, England deal with the role of women in Victorian society, the societal approach towards love and passion in society, and rigid class boundaries. Forster implicitly alludes to the Victorian attitudes of approaching women in society as being restrictive and subsequently unjust. Although Forster characterizes Lucy’s existence in Florence as still being one of limited opportunity. On page 31, Forster explains that Lucy is unable to go on the electric tram as doing so would be regarded as unladylike: “This she might not attempt. It was unladylike…Poems had been written to illustrate this point.” Due to the fact that in this excerpt, Charlotte serves as the primary reason as to why such an action would be considered to be unladylike, Charlotte serves to represent the ideals of Victorian England by virtue of Charlotte’s explanation as to why this would be considered unacceptable. Further, Forster details the image of the “medieval lady,” as he calls it on page 31: “There is much

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