Themes Of Immigration Issues

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1) Define social problem. Select a social problem of interest and discuss it using each of the four themes of the text. According to the author of the book a social problem is “When enough people in a society agree that a condition exists that threatens the quality of their lives and their values, and they agree that something should be done to remedy that condition.” One of the social problems that intrest me is immigration issues as I deal with this in my own life. The empirical method analzyes any issues in a structured and unbiased way. The phenomenon in this case is immigration. Should we welcome more people or should we kick them out? What issues does immigration cause and or solve? Who should be denied entrance and who …show more content…

At the same time the fourth theme gives us a new perspective. Although many may see immigration as a bad thing it may actually help people see things in a different way. There is a lot of things to learn from different cultures and trying to push them away may actually backfire as seen with the situation in Japan. 2) Discuss the natural history of social problems. Be sure to mention the major stages that most social problems seem to go through, as identified by Spector and Kitsuse. According to Sector and Kitsuse, all social problems follow a sequence of stages. These stages are, Problem Definition: gain public recognition , Legitimacy: acceptance by official agencies, Reemergence of Demands: reassert demands, Rejection and Institution Building: form new organizations to solve the problem. An example of the stages can be seen in the recent LGBT movements. In the recent years people have been more open with discussing LGBT issues. The media and many organizations have establish the importance and we have passed the point of acceptance by official agencies. Laws have been passed to protect LGBT and now the LGBT community is pushing for more. 3) Compare and contrast the three basic sociological perspectives on social problems. How are they similar and how are they different? Which theory do you prefer and why? The three basic sociological perspectives are:

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