Themes Of The American Dream In Death Of A Salesman

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THESIS The American dream is something many people from not only outside of our country, but from within all want to one day obtain. The iconic American dream, where you plan on making it big while working and pursuing your goals. Finding a way to support a family and live a common western lifestyle. Death of a Salesman is centered on a man trying to reach the American dream and taking his family along the way with him. The Loman's, from the start of the story till the end have a very concerning lifestyle story. To them, or the husband at least, they are trying to become successful and happy. Throughout their lives they encounter many problems and the end result is a tragic death caused by stupidity and the need to succeed. The Standards of American dream are universal but now, the definition of American dream is totally distorted. PARAGRAPH ONE Taking a look at the Loman family, it’s clear to say that that father, Willy, has a bit of regret staying in the same position in life for so long, not making any moves at work and taking it out on his sons, mostly Biff, about not being successful and not doing something productive and being stuck in one place at an old age. Willy has many disagreements with his son Biff’s ways of life. But little does he realize that he and Biff are so common. As we go throughout A Death of a Salesman, we can see how Willy’s drive to be successful and wanting his son to make something of himself begins to crash and burn, during the time throughout
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