Theology : Theology Vs. Theology

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NAZIENZUS’ THEOLOGY COMPARED TO ARIAN THEOLOGY Ever “since the Council of Chalcedon in 451, Gregory has been honored with the title “the theologian” for his definitive teaching on the Trinity in the late-fourth century.” This has been bestowed to him because of his precise theological works “that helped to shift the official orthodoxy of the church and empire from the homoian doctrine supported by [the Arians] to the fully Trinitarian” faith that was confirmed at the Council of Constantinople in 381 AD. One of the arguments presented against Nazienzus is that the Holy Spirit is not fully deified as the Father and the Son are deified. Arian theology asserts that the Holy Spirit is an illuminator that gives people the power to become right with God, but is not on the same level as God. Nazienzus’ refutes this heresy by asking, “if [the Holy Spirit] is in the same rank with myself, how can He make me God, or join me with [the] Godhead?” One cannot logically subvert the role of the Holy Spirit because He brings people into communion with God, and only God himself can make Christians into new creations. Nazienzus uses John 1:9 to “express precisely the deity” of the Holy Spirit, and in using this verse, along with others, he refuted the false Arian theology that the Holy Spirit is not fully divine. Eunomius, one of the Arian extremists, believed that the Holy Spirit is a substance, and to consider Him a part of the deified Trinity is “completely ridiculous and so wholly
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