Theoretical Analysis of a Novel: Lord of the Flies

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Over time societies have gone through many changes in order to function successfully. Through trial and error, it is evident that some societies succeeded in the way they were designed. In some cases, in order for a society to grow or for a new society to form, a group must fail to know what systems do not work. Systems such as the capitalist structure have present throughout history in early Egypt, the Greek Gods and morals, Kings and peasants, Hitler and his followers, any many other societies. Systems such as the capitalist structure has been modernized and changed in order to be current with what is going on now in a specific culture, to maximize efficiency, and to minimize failure. Societies can be broken down into sub groups and …show more content…

In the beginning of the book, Ralph has a locked position as leader because the boys want order and want to be told what to do because they want to survive. After failed attempts to get off of the island, the boys lose focus on the over all reason they are doing work. Ralph’s vulnerability begins to show, especially when he admits to being scared. Ralph loses his credibility with the boys, which eventually destroys their semi-structured community. The boys who are not a part of the ‘elite’ or who do not hold power are separated into groups. The littleuns are the younger boys who are around age six. The bigguns are the older boys of the group. The oldest boys are twelve years old. The bigguns and the littleuns are given tasks that they must complete. The boys are at such a young age that they don’t really understand the purpose of what they are doing or don’t complete tasks because they lose sight of the goal they are trying to reach, which is to survive and to get the attention of outsiders to get off of the island. With out having structure, the boys are put in a situation where they are literally fighting to survive. When we are stripped of everything we know, we act on our instincts. Being young makes us vulnerable to instinct and more likely to become violent because it is our default action to protect ourselves from others and

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