Theories Of Curriculum Design And Planning

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In order to discuss what model of curriculum works best for certain disciplines, teachers, and situations, you first must define what you mean by curriculum and how you choose to define it (Lunenburg, 2011b). Lunenburg describes two different sets of models: deductive and inductive (Lunenburg, 2011a; Lunenburg 2011b). Deductive logic begins with a broad topic and moves toward a more specific goal; it is often considered a top-down approach or hypothesis-testing logic (Trochim, 2006). Inductive reasoning takes the opposite approach, taking specific observations and applying them to a broader topic; this is often called hypothesis or theory building (Trochim, 2006). Each set of logic can be applied to theories about curriculum design and …show more content…

Managerial Model The managerial model follows the same basic tenants of the behavioral model, but it adds in two more: a set of rules and a specific evaluation schema (Lunenburg, 2011a). The managerial model advocates for goals being designed at the top level of instruction, but for specific objectives to be left to the teacher or more individual level (Lunenburg, 2011a). Culture and characteristics are described as including other school subjects as well as cogitative and skill components. This model also highly encourages vertical planning throughout grades of a school and horizontal planning as evidenced by the strong emphasis on cross-curricular culture (Lunenburg, 2011a).
Administrative Model The administrative model is the most linear of the three deductive models. External forces, such as laws and data, and curriculum bases, including society, learners, and content knowledge, affect the creation of goals and objectives (Lunenburg, 2011a). Once the goals and objectives are in place, a school or district can work to design a curriculum based on school- or district-specific data and patterns of student learning profiles. The curriculum implementation phase happens within a single teacher’s classroom or collaborative planning group (Lunenburg, 2011a). Once the curriculum has been taught, an evaluation of the curriculum including goal,

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