Theories Of Determinism

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To my knowledge freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. Determinism states that every event has a set of causes that determine their effects. However the things people do can be labeled cause with a equal effect as well. Everyone has a set of choices that leads us to act. However these choices may depend on a different set of circumstances. Deciding how we should act and if thus action is by our free will. I like Aristotle believe that these actions be they voluntary or involuntary are a reflection of our morals based on our feelings and actions.
Case One After a night of drinking Caleb refuses to be driven home. Because he is driving under the influence. Hence causing for the car to run off of the bridge resulting in the death …show more content…

One day she loses control and hits her daughter with a pot. The action in this case is Hitting her daughter with the pot. According to Aristotle this would be a voluntary. An action “ originates in the agent himself, and when this is so it is the man's power to act or not to act” (Aristotle 647). But what if though her childhood of abuse, Elena was unintentionally classically conditioned to view the behaviors she displayed as wrong and that the natural response to them were to react abusively? “ a threat of punishment, no matter how subtle, generates emotional reactions and tendencies to escape or revolt.” (Skinner 665). Although, Elena committed the act freely, I'd consider her being conditioned to respond that way as a extenuating circumstance limiting her will to not behave that way. as a parent she is be held morally responsible for hurting her daughter. As well Elena's mother could be held responsible, because it was her initial acts that shaped …show more content…

While under gun point he is told to commit unlawful acts or his brother will be shot for his noncompliance. During one of these unlawful acts, with his brother's life in mind Jesse was forced to run down a police officer, in result killing him. The act is Jesse running down the police officer. Jean- Paul Sartre expressed that as an individual we have both the freedom and responsibility to choose to act or not to act. “thus there are no accidents in life.. could always get out of it by suicide or desertion; these ultimate possible are those which must always be present for us when there is a question of envisaging a situation.” (Sartre 660-661). What he does cover is what if there is someone else life in danger. For example, a loved one. Aristotle believes that sometimes our actions may also be involuntary. “ But if it is to save the life of himself and his mates, any sensible person would do it.”(Aristotle 647). Its these complications that allowed Jesse to selflessly go against his nature and voluntarily and involuntarily commit these acts. It's a fine line to say he freely committed the acts. When there were extenuating circumstances such as being held at gunpoint that inhibited his freedom and the freedom of others. In my opinion from a moral stand point, because Jesse made choices based on external complications morally he's responsible for the death of the cop. but on a higher standpoint the robber is more morally responsible than

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