Theory, Problem Statements, And Research Questions

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Assignment One: Theory, Problem Statements, and Research Questions
Scott L. Tousignant (4467911)
American Military University (EDMG540)
Dr. Randall Cuthbert
10 May 2015 Assignment One: Theory, Problem Statements, and Research Questions This is a review of Thiel (2014) chapters one through five of the course reading utilizing outside materials to provide support. The paper will address why research in emergency management is important and what can be gained from academic study. Problem statements, research questions, and their roles will be discussed. The role of theory in emergency management will be outlined. The paper will introduce operationalization and the different elements of research design. The importance of
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What will result if the problem is resolved or not resolved?
3. Is there a specific timeframe in which the problem occurs?
4. Is there a specific geographic location affected by the problem?
5. Why is the problem important? How does the problem affect stakeholders, governments, citizens, and businesses (Ceptara, 2009)? A research question is an extension of the research problem. The question focuses upon a specific area of the problem. Research questions must be worthy of the time to investigate, and contribute information and significance to the field of study. The question must be feasible, clear, significant, and ethical ("Writing Research Questions", 2009). The research question usually requires additional supporting questions relating to specific areas of the study. The totality of the supporting questions’ answers provides the conclusion to the primary research question.
Theory in Emergency Management A researcher enables different fields to become united by incorporating knowledge into a study. Theory establishes common definitions for issues or occurrences, so that a common understanding of the information can be shared without mis-interpretation.
Theory relates to the entire body of knowledge available in the given discipline. One of the major purposes of theory is to clarify terms by providing sound academic definitions. One of the most significant types of theories or theoretical components is an explanation of
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