There Are Many Different Factors That Have Shaped And Contributed

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There are many different factors that have shaped and contributed to the modern Olympic movements from 1892 to 2002. The original idea of the Olympics was to make an international community not through race but through sports. It was much like the war games that the Greek city-states had. The Greek had formed the games to promote unity throughout Greece. However, as time passed on world events such as women 's suffrage movements and war such as the Cold War began to change the Olympics. Other factors such as global marketing and nationalism accompanied them and became a very big factors during the 20th century.
A factor that shaped the Olympics is the promotion of peace and unity.The Olympics were originally formed with the intention of …show more content…

Social reforms increased over time and they affected the Olympic games. Document 2 and 8 express increasing women participation in the Olympics.Women were given more rights over time and women suffrage was expressed in the Olympics. Women gained more and more active roles in society. Document 8 shows how women competitors want to prove female’s ability in sports as well as everything else. Document 2 shows that women gained increasing rights and became more active in society. From Document 2 in 1908 to Document 8 in 1992 there was a 27% increase in athletes that were women. Document 2 may be considered as reliable but the picture in the document may have been staged so it is controversial to whether or not the source is reliable. Document 8 should be considered as reliable because it gives the opinion of a female athlete competing in the Olympic games. Clearly, another factor that had contributed to the shaping of the Olympics was the increasing women’s rights.
A third factor that shaped the Modern Olympic movement from 1892 to 2002 was global marketing. Countries started showing more and more economic interest. Document 5,7, and 9 show how countries in some odd way gained huge amounts of revenue for competing in the Olympics. This gave countries an incentive for hosting, sponsoring, and as well as obviously competing in the games. Document 5 expresses the results that the Tokyo games had on Japan’s economics. The

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