There Is A Fair Amount Of Research Surrounding Parents

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There is a fair amount of research surrounding parents being incarcerated, and the effects it can have on those they leave on the outside. Children with incarcerated parents can have quite a few factors working against them. This can cause behavioural and emotional issues (Merenstein, Tyson, Tilles, Keays, & Rufffolo, 2011). There is a need for social support from adult role models. This includes caregivers, teachers and other adults in the community activities they are involved in ( Luther, 2015; Merenstein, et al., 2011). One of the issues children who have one, or both, parents incarcerated face, is the stigma surrounding parental incarceration. This stigma can be from either peers, adults in the community and teachers. (Dellaire, …show more content…

Children who grew up with one or both parents incarcerated mention the importance of having an adult role model. These role models can help change the path the children are on. Especially if they are heading down a path to delinquency. Caregivers are often Grandparents (Luther, 2015), and this can be a benefit or a detriment. Grandparents, because they are related to the child, on either the incarcerated parent 's side or not, can be one of the best care giver situations for the child. Grandparents might be more willing to put their child in different extracurricular activities to keep them busy. The activities might be a sports team, a church group, or a program like Big Brother, Big Sisters. This helps the child create ties. Including even more role models to help guide them either passively or overtly. As well it helps build up the resilience that helps them keep away from deviant or illegal behaviours (Luther, 2015). However Grandparents as the primary caregiver can also be unfavorable. Teachers found that sometimes the grandparent is not enthused to be looking after their grandchild as they’ve already been through raising a child. They feel they have already finished with raising a child, and all the extras that come with it. For example homework, and parent teacher conferences (Dellaire, et al., 2010). As well a Grandparent may very well be on a fixed income. This impacts the number of extracurricular actives the child can attend,

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