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Technological advancement is constantly occurring within this generation. It happens so often that we as a group are no longer amazed or amused by it-it is expected. In both Love’s and Hayle’s texts, the reader learns that technological advancement impacts a skill that most people believe to have a good grip on-reading comprehension. “Most psychologists assume that people read entire blocks of text on a screen in much the same way as on paper-at least once factors such as eyestrain, scrolling time, and page refresh rates are accounted for” (Love 6). Love is arguing that reading online has more distractions than reading actual print, which is a given. From opening up a new tab and searching for something on the Internet to being able to look up the definition of a word directly on your E-Reader, “screen reading” seems more tedious and demanding than simply opening up a paperback book or actually buying a newspaper in a store (Love 6). Hayles explores many different types of reading within her text including close and hyper reading. Close reading is when a reader completely reads a text for what it is worth. A close reader explores the general themes and specific details of a text while also having full comprehension of that text. Hyper reading is reading on a screen and it correlates with skimming, quickly reading over a text to find the main points. Hayles points out that “...hyper reading not only requires different reading strategies than close reading but also may be

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