The's Biggest Strategic Asset

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Ralan knew that his biggest strategic asset was his biggest tactical weakness—his yellow tunic. It would make him a clear target for every knight in the Tower. It would distract them all from his friends’ escape, but it also made him stand out in the sea of white, making him much easier to catch. He didn’t think much about it until he made it through the front gate of the Tower. Getting there wasn’t very difficult. The knights all wore their armor, whether it was the thick ornamental armor or the chain mail of the working knights. Ralan found it easy to sprint past one knight while dodging another. In fact, his entire life had consisted of him running through crowds and avoiding outstretched hands. One of the things Ralan had mastered was…show more content…
The knight set his legs, and swung his sword in front of him. With a slight leap, Ralan feigned a punch. The knight brought up his sword only to see Ralan dive toward his feet. Just as the guard brought his sword down, Ralan slide between his legs, the smooth marble of the Tower floor offering little resistance. It wasn’t a perfect fit, which was fine for Ralan. He tugged on the knight’s white cloak, which pulled him up and the knight backward. As the knight fell he got in the way of the other knights. By the time they had realized what had happened, Ralan was in the the grass field beyond the Tower’s large iron doors. He had escaped so quickly that there was confusion as shouts and alarm klaxons rang. Shouts of “Stop him!” were followed by knights looking around for who they were supposed to stop. This is almost too easy, Ralan thought, as a cry of “Stop the Craftsman” came from the Tower. Moments later an arrow hit the ground at Ralan’s feet. Yellow tunic. Surrounded by white. Archers on the Wall. Not good, Ralan thought. And then he saw it. A large wagon with four horses pulling it. It was on the side of the road with a broken wheel. Thank you, Maela, Ralan thought. He zig zagged through the field, arrows barely missing him. Sprinting around the wagon, he stopped as it shielded him from the archers on the wall. He quickly pulled off his yellow tunic and tossed it on the ground. With a quick sprint, he ran up and leapt onto the
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