Thesis Statement For 3m Safety Company

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III.A.iii) 3M Safety Company

III.A.iii.a) Company Profile

3M is a specialized technology conglomerate firm that serves end-users and global communities with ground-breaking products and solutions that extend to multiple industries on a worldwide scale (Lincoln Journal Publication, 2012).

The firm has more than 30 business units, and was founded in 1902 as the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company. The corporation is headquartered in Maplewood and its activities have been divided into six business channels, namely: Communications, Consumer and Office Supplies, Graphics, Transportation, Healthcare; and Safety/ Protection Equipment. 3M operates in sixty nations, employs 88,000 employees, and declares an income of 30 billion US Dollars per year (ibid).

III.A.iii.b) Author’s rationale for choosing 3M as a market leader

3M PPE offers an exceptional quality of personal safety systems, which includes an unrivaled range of safety helmets designed in several combinations for wide scale applicability. Each helmet can further be customized as per the end-user’s specifications at minimal additions to the base selling price of the product, which sets 3M apart from its closest competitors. Furthermore, the firm’s products are designed …show more content…

As previously explained the two inimitable features of this helmet – namely the Uvicator Sensor Disc that protects workers from getting over-exposed to UV radiation, as well the fully rotatable lining that allows the helmet to be worn from front to back – are the key reasons for the evident and prominent price difference (amounting to over 55% when G3000 Uvicator is compared to the closest comparable variant: the High Visibility variant of G3000 Solaris), which in turn are responsible for the G3000 Uvicator becoming an exception to 3M’s market positioning

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