Thesis Statement On Digital Security

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Digital Security
The 21st century has been described as the “Information Age”, a period in human history characterized by the shift in traditional industry implemented through the industrial revolution to an economy based on information computerization.
We have come a long way from paper based systems through the use of a computer for efficient data processing. The creation of local area networks (LAN) all the way through opening channels for communication and knowledge sharing on a much larger scale. This is where the introduction to connecting LAN networks to the internet came about. The internet allows for seamless communication to take place virtually right around the world. Technology with the use of the internet has changed the way we …show more content…

More people with malicious intent are finding new ways to infiltrate our lives through the technology we use. While using the internet has become an essential part of everyday life, there is an element of risk involved. We are exposing ourselves to a number of cybercrimes and need to educate ourselves on how to identify these crimes and put the necessary protection policies and procedures in place.

Digital Security “is the protection of your digital identity – the network or internet equivalent of your physical identify. Digital security include the tools you use to secure your identity assets and technology in the online and mobile world. “– Google definition
Main Statement: explaining the need for digital security when connecting your corporate computer network to the Internet
“Internet based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), power line communications, satellite communications and wireless communications (wireless sensor networks, WiMAX and wireless mesh networks) are discussed.”
Malware also referred to as ‘malicious software’ is a piece of software that was designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorised access to a computer system.
There are various type of malware expertly designed for very specific

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