Thesis Statements For The Things They Carried

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Sample Analysis The thesis will concentrate on Tim O' Brien's novel The Things They Carried, a collection of twenty-two interconnected short stories, or perhaps episodic novel, about a platoon of American soldiers in the Vietnam War. It is a reflection on the experiences of these soldiers during and after the war. In the novel, the author Tim O’Brien creates a protagonist called “Tim O’Brien". The fictional Tim O’Brien tells stories of his life and Vietnam War experiences, relates war stories told to him by other soldiers, and comments on the art of storytelling. The Things They Carried is an introspective memory novel, a powerful meditation on the experiences of the war, and a self-conscious examination of the methods and reasons behind storytelling:…show more content…
That’s all it was, a mistake, but it had killed Kiowa. (O’Brien, The Thing They Carried 191) At one point, the boy remembered, he’d been showing Kiowa a picture of his girlfriend. He remembered switching on his flashlight. A stupid thing to do, but he did it anyway, and he remembered Kiowa leaning in for a look at the picture – “Hey, she’s cute,” he’d said – and then the field exploded all around them. Like murder, the boy thought. The flashlight made it happen. Dumb and dangerous. And as a result his friend Kiowa was dead. (O’Brien, The Thing They Carried 191) Norman Bowker found Kiowa. He was under two feet of water. Nothing showed except the heel of a boot. (O’Brien, The Thing They Carried 191) Beside him, a few steps to the left, the young soldier was still searching for his girlfriend’s picture. Still remembering how he had killed Kiowa. The boy wanted to confess. He wanted to tell the lieutenant how in the middle of the night he had pulled out Billie’s picture and passed it over to Kiowa and then switched on the flashlight, and how Kiowa had whispered, “Hey, she’s cute,” and how for a second the flashlight had made Billie’s face sparkle, and how right then the field had exploded all around them. The flashlight had done it. Like a target shining in the dark. (O’Brien, The Thing They Carried
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