They Cage The Animals At Night Book Report

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They Cage the Animals at Night, is based on a true story of which the author, Jennings Michael Burch had to face during his childhood. Jennings wanted to show young adolescents what many children have to go through. Burch tries to plant into readers minds a picture of a sad, lonely, innocent boy who is on his own most of the time. Jennings also wanted readers to know places where children are taken to and the reasoning as to why they are sent there. The title “They Cage the Animals at Night” explains itself during the book. It comes from one of the homes that Jennings stayed at called “Home of the Angels.” Every night the kids who stayed at this home, would line up and receive a stuffed animal to sleep with and in the middle of the night the nuns would go through and collect the animals and put them in cages, they would “cage the animals at night.” Jennings had to move multiple times to different homes for a time being. This was because his mother got sick many times and she wasn’t able to care for her own children. Jennings was sent to “The Home of The Angels.” At this particular home, the kids’ sisters who are nuns would help them. You were not allowed to have …show more content…

Since Jennings didn’t really have a permanent home, or if he was home with his mother, at random times he would be told that he was being sent to another house for a while. With such short notice, Jennings never really had enough time to pack his belongings. One day Jennings new teacher sent home a letter to all the families from her class asking for clothes donations for Jennings. The following day, Jennings received clothes and was very happy! The next day, Jennings wore an outfit that he got and many kids made fun of him. He was getting teased for wearing another students clothing. The other kids felt it was right to sit there and make fun of their classmate and the beat him up while they were at

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