Things Fall Apart And Heart Of Darkness

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In both Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness Achebe and Conrad depict an Africa that is invaded by foreign elements, centering on conflict between foreign victors and the indigenous population. For instance, the intruders in Things Fall Apart implement an alien government system, and imposing their cultural norms on a tribal society, and then punishing them for their cultural background and spiritual rituals. In Heart of Darkness the novel is told from the perspective of Marlow, a steam ship captain.
In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, tells two stories that are interlaced with each other both centering on the main charter Okonkwo. The first story is that of conflict between the individual and society. This story outlines Okonkwo’s fall from grace with the tribal world. The second is a story is a clash of cultures, and the disappearance of Okonkwo’s world when aggressive missionaries arrive.
This can be seen shortly after Okonkwo’s return from his seven year banishment for accidentally killing a clansmen. After burning down the church Okonkwo and five other members of the clan are called before the District Commissioner. At fist the commissioner says he wants to settle this situation like friends, however he brings he some more of his men and has Okonkwo and his clansmen put in handcuffs, and imprisoned. This was deceitful of the District Commissioner after he said. “If any man ill-treats you we shall come to your rescue. But we cannot allow you to ill-treat others.
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