Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Imperialism has been characterized as the expansion of rule or even impact by a specific government to the next, or the impact of one general public to the next. In history, imperialism came to its peak during the time of the Roman Empire. In Europe there has never been another empire to rise above and assume control over the Roman Empire. However, imperialism in Africa remained a recorded element from 1750 to 1945. This paper visits how control and changes were influences over the Africans during this time period as seen through Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart. (UKEssays, 2015) Europe was experiencing a few financial and political changes that forced the major European forces to investigate abroad regions to add to their resources during the seventeenth century. In order for the European forces to settle in Africa, it was important to apply finish control over the African lifestyle. Political and social control would be essential for the Europeans to build a supporting domain for acknowledgment of their interests. One of the most intense difficulties to accomplish such control was to embrace the resistance that Africans had against control of their territory by white men. (European Colonization of Americas, 2015) The first important control that would help the recognition of the whole frontier task was to place neighborhood political organization under the imperial power. There were different reactions from the local groups concerning the Europeans powers. A few

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