Things Fall Apart Women Essay

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vvIn the novel Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe presents a true reflection the conventional view of women and their roles in the many societies in Africa and across the world. Achebe uses a combination of various writing techniques and literary devices to effectively bring out the theme of the role of women in the novel. The author goes a mile ahead to highlight contextual issues surrounding the usual discussion of the role of women in the society. Inasmuch as most scholars focus on the presentation of women as being weak and subjugated group, the story contains bits of their contrasting depiction as being important, influential and more powerful than even men. Even so, the general perception about the overall position and role of women in…show more content…
The priestess screams at Okonkwo spontaneously shouting that she wants to see her daughter (Achebe 101). Ironically, Okonkwo subdues to her threats and for the first and only time in the novel he pleads with anyone. The author reveals that he pleaded with Agbala to return the next morning since Ezinma was asleep at the time (Achebe 101). Pleading, especially to a woman, is not a natural response Okonkwo is expected to take based on his beliefs, character and behaviors. The fact that Achebe allows only a woman to subdue Okonkwo in his novel reveals his perception of the position of women in the society. Women are revered by the society as they are viewed as special beings and constantly being associated with the deity and trusted to perform vital rituals that affect the future of the people and the nature. Ani is believed to be a representation of goddess on earth. She is believed to be able to communicate with the ancestors (Achebe 36). The community performs a ritual before every yam harvest to please goddess Ani, so that their crops can grow (Achebe 30). Without the blessing of the goddess, the society risks their crops not growing. It is apparent that the whole society has placed a great deal of confidence and trust in a woman to elevate their status and give them vital roles
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