Third Estate Research Paper

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As the spokesperson for the third estate, I bring to your attention three important problems we want fixed in France.

We as the third estate are the only ones who have to pay taxes. At times the first estate will donate money, but we are the only ones who are obligated by law to pay taxes. On top of that, we have to pay extra taxes so that the nobility can live lavishly in their land while we starve. It has also come to our attention that while we work King Louis XIV has been selling nobility titles that exempt individuals from taxation, and they’re inheritable. If we continue like this, you will lose 97% of your population, and 100% of your tax payers.

In the Estate General each state is represented equally. The first estate with 1% of the …show more content…

We need a democracy, not an autocracy. Set us free, we are just as much people as you are. We bring to your attention the social problems of unjust taxing and slavery, the economic problems of where the taxes are going and the political unjustness of our government. End serfdom! We are little more than cattle to the 1st and 2nd estates, though we can be so much more.

“We as the third estate are the only ones who have to pay taxes.” – This problem came into effect due to social and economic factors. The evolution of their political system created a flawed economic plan that stemmed from their unusual social habits.

“We want more say in what happens in France.” – This came from political and geographical factors. France wanted to have a close-knit society, but to do so they cut off 97% of the population and attempted to ignore their existence. Geographical factors were the fact of where they lived or where they were born decided what they could do in their government.

“End serfdom!” – The slavery problem in France came from their odd social system and their history. By viewing the 3rd estate as unhuman, slavery came into effect. Though France was not alone in their slavery practices, history had a huge effect on why serfdom came

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