Thirteen Days vs. the real Cuban Missile Crisis

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The movie Thirteen Days directed by Roger Donaldson is about the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. It is often referred to as a docudrama as it is very entertainment oriented but still remains close to the roots of what actually happened. Since it was produced at a later date than many other films portraying the events, Thirteen Days was able to access recently declassified information which helped in attaining a more historically accurate film. Although there were some discrepancies with what happened in real life compared to the film. The year is 1962 and American surveillance planes discover that the USSR is in the process of placing nuclear ballistic missiles in Cuba. The missiles have a said capability to reach 80 million Americans…show more content…
It was because the appearance of Kenneth O’Donnell is much more appealing to the average American. He is the perfect protagonist, just an average middle class American trying to do the right thing. That is why he was given this role and it is understandable why this trade off would be made for entertainment purposes as Thirteen Days is a movie and not a documentary. Another less criticized aspect of the movie veering from 100% historical accuracy is that nothing is said about President Kennedy’s interests in ridding Fidel Castro of Cuba but in reality he had been made aware of secret missions into Cuba prior to the Bay of Pigs. As well as approving the Bay of Pigs invasion. During the Bay of Pigs the US tried to pass the invasion off as Cuban defectors and US armed forces had no role in the invasion. President Kennedy even said “The armed forces of this country would not intervene in any way." Even though that is of course a blatant lie and the Kennedy Administration helped set up and fund the CRC (Cuban Revolutionary Council) to take over after Fidel’s government had been removed. None of President Kennedy’s knowledge of this is shown in the film because it would not fit with how Kenneth O’Donnell advises him on the subject matter. Both of the previously mentioned deviations from historical accuracy are really relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. The producer went to great lengths to maintain historical
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