This Blessed House By Jhumpa Lahiri

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Other than the roof, bricks, walls, lights and other components needed to build a home, what truly makes a home a home? One might believe that the tangible items such as a bed or sofa or television constitute the real value of a home. In contrast, one may believe that a home is less about material items and rather more about the individuals such as parents, kids and other loved ones who live together and make memories in the same house and thus generate the true value of a home. A home allows for relationships to be formed inside of it while also creating lifelong memories between people as they carry out their daily lives in the household. The divergence in considering the main function of a home is exhibited in Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story “This Blessed House” in her book collection The Interpreter of Maladies and P Diddy’s song “Coming Home.” Both works deal with the notion of the true value of a home, and it is evident that P Diddy’s song corroborates the notion that a home is more about the individuals who reside inside it and the memories created in it; whereas, in “This Blessed House”, the main characters Sanjeev and Twinkle primarily believe that a home is more about the material items inside it.
Having extreme materialism can be a negative trait that deters an individual from seeing and appreciating the true beauty of non-physical aspects of life such as love. Sanjeev and Twinkle, who have recently married and moved into their new ornate house, both reflect values
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