This Case Caused Many People To See That The Separation

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This case caused many people to see that the separation did not help the children 's education, it also didn 't help the racism going on at the time. In the 1950’s there were schools where only the colored children went and schools where only white children were aloud many African American kids would have to walk miles and miles to get to there school, African American parents worried about their children getting to school safely. December 9, 1952 both sides had argued their point Brown 's lawyers had argued that there shouldn 't be any segregation unless there was legit proof that black kids were different from anyone else. The arguments went on for three days, The case was talked about for several months while the supreme court was…show more content…
During this case, it was not just about the segregation of the adults, but the children to. The children took a part of the segregation. After all, the case was started because of the children’s education being separated. The children were affected because of the change especially when they were accustomed to being separated from each other where the whites were together as one and the African Americans were also together as one. When things changed and the whites and African American ended up together as one it was hard for them for a while. People of all races should be able to enjoy equality under the law in the united states. African American children wanted equal protection under the laws as promised by the fourteenth amendment. Today children of all color and race attend the same school. Whether it’s a boarding school or a public school. This particular case changed history for young students all around the world. This case contributed to a huge part of history and that’s because If Mr. Brown had never tried to enroll his 8 year old daughter Linda in Sumner Elementary, and the principal 's refusal, then little African American children would still be treated bad, and un-humane. Children would be going to different schools still, and world would still have a little segregation in it. Although then, Mr. Brown was not the first African American to try to enroll his child in an all-white school, but his case was not only the last, but the most

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