This I Believe: A Shared Moment Of Trust

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While reading “This I Believe” I was able to connect and relate with few of the entries founded in the book. The first journal I felt a relation with, was “A Shared Moment of Trust”. In this entry, the author begins talking about driving down a road at night and taking a glance at a passing car’s driver. Then, he goes in depth to talk about the level of trust that him and the driver shared within that short time frame. He also discusses another event in which he had to once again put his trust in the hands of a stranger during a hostage negotiation with Algerian terrorist. The message he tries to get across in this entry is that everyone depends on someone. I had an experience similar to the author’s example, that involve a car accident. It…show more content…
This entry is about a woman on a journey to discover her religion. The author felt that she fell behind the religion department, compared to her friends that already had a set religion given to them by their parents. She discusses how she was afraid she would never find a religion that will suit her. She started researching churches and religions to find one that fit her beliefs and values. She believes that you shouldn’t do things out of revenge and that you should act on things you notice needs to be done. After visiting numerous churches, she is left her faithless and different perceptions on religion. In the end, she discovered her religion is Deity, a Christian religion that means to live a decent life that appeasing to the higher power. I found that this entry is related to me as well because I grew up with a strict set of beliefs my dad enforced on me. Growing up, I didn’t have the opportunity to live out my beliefs because of Apostolic beliefs of my dad. Being Apostolic, means that girls aren’t allowed to wear pants, makeup, cut their hair, wear skirts above the knee, wear hair extensions; unless bald, and listen to music that isn’t gospel. Additionally, you can’t work on Sundays, not allowed to have Christmas trees or seasonal decorations, girls have to place a prayer cloth over their head during service, boys can’t have their heads covered in church and boys can’t have long hair.…show more content…
The author started off with discussing life living with her father in hotels. Then, she went on to tell about how her childhood friend’s parents came in and take care of her as if she was their own. She explains that they cared for her the same way they cared for their blood daughter. Even though the Beaches wasn’t her blood family, she considered them her only family. My story is a little similar to that of Cecile because I have two families, one is blood and the other is non-related. As I had discussed in the earlier paragraph about religion, I have been looking to gain some independence from my dad’s religion. I have a family that isn’t blood related to me at all, I spend more time at their house than my family’s house. They are former members of the church I attend occasionally; I have known them for over a decade. They have been there for me through thick and thin and has been an extra support system for me. When I’m going through things at home, they have been always there for me. They have given me money to help me out with school and go out their way for me, when needed. Without them, I don’t know how my life would be. From reading this text, I found that I related to few authors’ stories that are similar to my
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