This Model Predicts That White Pre-Retirees Have A Significantly

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This model predicts that White pre-retirees have a significantly higher positive impact on the accumulation of financial assets as compared to non-White pre-retirees. This finding supports the hypothesis and previous research that addresses the income and wealth differences between races.
As expected, the log of income was statistically significant to the accumulation of financial assets. As noted earlier, a nonlinear relationship exists between income and financial assets as pre-retirees are predicted to accumulate wealth, while also increasing consumption, as their resources increase. The impact of income on the growth of financial assets is positive, yet lessens as the value of income increases. For example, a one percent increase in …show more content…

The mortgage payment in this model was not a statistically significant indicator for predicting financial assets, although the payment to the second mortgage was a statistically significant indicator negatively impacting the value of financial assets. The home equity line of credit payment was statistically significant at the .05 level for predicting a decrease to financial assets. The HELOC represents an important source of liquidity for borrowers. However, the risk of borrowing equity from the home decreases resources that would be available in retirement and increases the number of years required to pay off the home.
Pre-retirees with medical debt were expected to accumulate a lower amount of financial resources as compared to pre-retirees not burdened with medical debt. However, the payment of installment loans by the household is not a significant predictor of financial assets in the model. Moreover, the payment on the first line of credit was not a statistically significant predictor of financial assets for pre-retirees. Conversely, vehicle payments and consumer loan payments are statistically significant predictors negatively impacting financial assets. These types of debts consist of items that are consumed quickly or that consistently depreciate over a short period of time. With easy access to these forms of credit, a significant number of pre-retirees are servicing credit card debt and paying

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