This Paper Will Describe The Sociocultural And Demographic

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This paper will describe the sociocultural and demographic trends of grocery retailing. The sociocultural and demographic trends are a part of the external environmental analysis of a company or industry. One popular trend in the sociocultural environment of grocery retailing is the trend of becoming healthier and wanting grocery stores to offer organic and fresh foods rather than processed foods. The demographic trend will focus on how grocery retailers market to different age groups in the United States, as well as around the world. Grocery retailers around the world can take into consideration these two trends and work towards a better understanding of what their consumers want and desire. General Environmental …show more content…

One trend that seems to come to mind when talking about grocery retailing in a sociocultural sense is the trend of offering fresh and organic items in supermarkets as well as in local grocery stores. The everyday consumer is starting to realize that being healthy is not entirely about working out, but it is also about what kinds of food you put into your body. Therefore, people in today’s day and time, will do whatever it takes to make sure they are their healthiest, and that they look the best. According to the article, “Consumers Want Healthy Foods—And They Will Pay More for Them,” about 88% of consumers are willing to pay the higher prices for the fresh and organic foods that grocery stores supply (Gagliardi, 2015). This could be because the health fad that has presented itself today is much stronger than those in years past. According to an article that was published by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, many grocers are finding that customers are changing their preferences about their food, and are now wanting fresh foods and organic foods in their local supermarkets. This paired with increasing transportation costs are causing grocers to rethink the ideas and processes of large centralized distribution centers (Ernst & Woods, 2012). Demographic Forces A second general external environment is the demographic force. This force includes different things such as age, race, gender, and social class (Hill, Schilling, Jones,

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