Thomas Hobbes And John Locke 's Political Theories Essay

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Analyzing Thomas Hobbes and John Locke’s Political Theories and Justifying if these Governmental Officials Have Legitimate Reason To Hold Secrets from the Public

Systems of government across the globe are utilized to various extents. Similarly to John Locke’s vision of government, the United States stands by a system of representative democracy. This means that our government highly values that the people of a society hold the power of where the direction of their state goes through electing officials. In Locke’s book, Two Treatises, he states that if a government official extends their power in any way, other than to better citizens’ lives, then the people have the right to replace those elected into power (77). However, Thomas Hobbes, in The Leviathan, explains that it is human nature to always have self-interest in mind. Hobbes confirms that even though he is open to representative democracy or having multiple officials lead as an assembly, due to human nature getting in the way, having more than a single governmental official ruling the state as a monarch is not ideal. Hillary Clinton, and her use of private emails, is a modern example that conceptualizes these two theories of Locke and Hobbes. The two philosophers, Locke and Hobbes, would approach this situation in two parallel ways. From Locke’s belief of allowing the people of the state to hold the overall power, he would suggest to first evaluate to see if the intentions of Clinton were strictly for the good of the
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