Thomas Hobbes : The Best Form Of Government

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The philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, started out on with philosophy of political science while on his trips and visits to other countries outside of England to listen to other scientists and learn different forms of government. While studying, Thomas Hobbes wondered about why people were allowing themselves to be ruled and what would a great form of government for England. He reasoned that people were naturally wicked and shouldn’t be trusted to govern themselves because they were selfish creatures and would do anything to better their position and social status. These people, when left alone will go back to their evil impulses to get a better advantage over others. So Thomas Hobbes concluded that the best form of government would an absolute monarchy, which is a government which gives all power to the king or queen to provide direction and leadership to make sure the country doesn’t go into turmoil.
To support his ideas, Thomas Hobbes asked the question,” If men are naturally in a state of war, why are they carrying arms and need keys to lock their doors.” In other words, even when the country is at peace, people are still using things which can get them a better advantage over others and keeping their own interests a secret from others. According to Thomas Hobbes, the reason that this is the case is because people are selfish and evil and that they must protect their interests really well by using certain tactics to make sure other people devastate their needs and wants. Also,
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