Thomas Jefferson 's Vision For America

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Steven Capogna
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5 May 2015
Thomas Jefferson’s Vision for America
During 1789, the year George Washington was elected president of the United States, he appointed Thomas Jefferson to be the secretary of State during his time in office. Jefferson was a man who believed that the government should not be in any part of the citizens’ lives during a period in time where America was trying to break away from Great Britain’s ways. He was a man who wanted the government to stay out of his business and worry about problems that had to do with the country and not individual states. He believed in a small government, a weak army, and an agricultural society. He also had a “rivalry” of some sorts with Alexander Hamilton who disagreed with every belief that Jefferson had. Jefferson was also the author of the Declaration of Independence. He was a believer in running your own household the way you wanted to run in. His vision was a country where you have a government that stay out of problems that weren’t worth getting into like state problems and a country where the people would live a life of freedom and prosperity.
Having a small army may come as a question for some people wondering what advantages came from having a weak military. Thomas Jefferson thought otherwise. He knew the consequences of having a large strong army and what came with it after. Having to big of an army means chance of being overthrown because of the power that they…
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