Thomas Paine and the Pamphlet Common Sense

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Thomas Paine was responsible for some of the most influential works of the revolution. Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense was a very crucial part to America and its movement of independence from Britain. Paine was effective with his writings by being very plain. He wanted both farmers and officials to understand what he was talking about and be able to comprehend his ideas. Paine wanted to put his ideas out to the people of the American colonies so that they could understand it just by reading and not have to analyze and decipher what he was really trying to get across. He wanted to let the colonist know that there was no more room for talking about a split from English rule but it was time for the colonies to unite and take up arms against their British oppressors. Thomas Paine had many arguments for American independence but there are a few of them that are really the main focus of his thoughts for independence. The first argument that he made that was focused on independence was the relationship between the colonist and Britain. The fact that that Britain had laws to govern a colony on the other side of the world was implausible. That the island of Britain was going to give laws that the colonist of the Americas had to abided by even though the one who made the law was 3000 miles away. Another argument that he had was that George III was a tyrannical leader. There was no way that he was going to keep peace, and to rule over a colony, and expect the colony to follow all the

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