Tick-Borne Case Study On Lyme

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In the report, there seem to be potentially fatal tick-born illness that occurred in two of the cases. The infectious is Powassan virus and believe to come from Lyme that can be transferred from tick to human in minutes. This virus believes to be more severe than Lyme and not only this, but it can reach to a patient’s brain quick and leaving the patient’s susceptible to long-term neurological damage. Also, not all patient experience the same symptoms and those that does have a symptom experience fever, headache, vomiting, weakness, confusion, seizures and memory loss. People who are likely to have a symptom are those that have contracted tick-borne illness before, but the risk is very low. There about 10-15 percent of the case shows the virus …show more content…

I recall getting bit by Lyme and I did not experience a symptom as it as described in the report, but it does scare me when thinking about getting bit next time and about what my experience going to be like. I just wondering if there any specific treatment or preventing way about this, for instance, is there any spray product that can wear off Lyme or method of treated the bit cause by Lyme. Also, I was think that Lyme is a very small insect and they clutch to a person skin very tight and they also are very good at hide that it away goes unnoticeable until a person feel pain or during showing time. So, I was wondering if there any prevention way, like vaccinate that will help protected people against this tick-borne illness from Lyme. I was surprise that weather could play a part in foster the viruses, which I think this is not the only infection, but more and more new infection arises because of the weather change from cold to a warmer weather. The report list the symptom: fever, headache, vomiting, weakness, confusion, seizures and memory loss, which I think is a very serious problem. However, article describe in an attitude that the government did not care much about case and I think is because the occurred case is much small as compared to another deadly virus. Even so, I still think that there should be a form of protection or prevention about Lyme and the

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