Tim Burton's Love Of Horror Films

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Tim Burton is a famous director who has created famous work such as Edward Scissorhands and the Oscar nominated Corpse Bride. His work has its own distinct look that is completely separated from most artists and directors. He would be influenced by horror to develop his own style that is recognisable today. The majority of the impact on this style came from isolation and normality as well as his own life and work as a child. He then implements a lot of his childhood life including the things that he was affiliated with and the people he idolised into making his films and does so in a unique manner.

Burton grew up in Burbank, California and went to college to study animation at the Disney-backed California Institute of the Art in 1971, …show more content…

This could be something also that relates to Burton’s love of horror movies, creating his own Frankenstein’s monster, an outsider too. For example, in Vincent, the titular character is a child who shuts himself out from the rest of the world, by pretending to be the horror icon Vincent Price, whereas his parents want him to be normal. Victor’s solitude in Frankenweenie is less broad than Vincent’s as he does interact with other characters, but is still focused on science and resurrecting his dog. Victor in Corpse Bride has the same feel to Frankenweenie, but instead his outsideness is shown through him being in a mundane Victorian realm and is brought into the lively Land of the Dead. He is identified with these characters, timid and left out, which is what he was when he was a young …show more content…

The protagonists of his films seem to be a reflection of himself or at least a younger version of himself where they would be shy and different to what is considered normal in the world of that film. His films have a lot of the same recurring themes in them which have been influenced by the genres of Gothic horror such as the dominant colours of black and white and German expressionism with the heavy contrast between light and dark as a cinematic technique making them identifiable as a Burton

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